Laser Alignment Chuck

The Laser Alignment Chuck is an innovative invention of ORC Forensics designed for the crime scene investigation of trajectory acquisition.  It has a universal adjustable 3-jaw chuck with an attached Red Dot Laser.  The chuck adjusts from 1/16” to 3/8” diameter so it can hold any intermediate diameter rod made of plastic, steel, or even wood.  The laser automatically aligns to the dead center of whatever rod is gripped so you get a true linear projection to extended distances.

No tools necessary for assembly or disassembly. 

Note:  You only need to hand tighten the chuck engagement to provide a secure grip on any rod.  A chuck key is not required.

Part Number
Laser Alignment Chuck (with 6 battteries)
$49.95 each
Red Dot Laser "Only" (with 6 batteries)
$35.00 each
Laser Alignment Chuck "Chuck Only"
$20.00 each

Laser Alignment Wand

This is truly a handy device for critiquing trajectory pathways and impact/origination points.  It is comprised to 2 Red Dot Lasers back-to-back aligned along a single axis.  You can grip the handle and direct the beams to points of interest or even mount it to a stationary tripod using its #1/4-20 threaded hole.  In addition, it also has a “V” groove on one side for use with string or placing it on a projection rod.

No tools necessary for assembly or disassembly. 

Part Number
Laser Alignment Wand (with 12 batteries)
$76.90 each
Laser Alignment Wand "Handle Only"
$17.00 each
Red Dot Laser "Only" (with 6 batteries)
*x2 needed for Laser Alignment Wand assembly*
$35.00 each

Red Dot Lasers

These are compact devices powered by (3) inexpensive #LR44, or equivalent, batteries.  It has an easy to use ON/OFF slide switch and the laser beam adjustment has been upgraded by ORC Forensics to provide practical alignment tweaking without any tools required.  Each laser, weather it comes by itself or with another component, comes with (6) batteries.  Additional batteries can be ordered separately, by the pack. The attachment end has a M 6 x 1.0 Metric stud x 6mm long, which will also fit in a #1/4-20 UNC tapped hole.

Note:  When battery powered components are not to be used for extended periods of time, the batteries should be stored away and individually isolated from electrically conductive materials.  A standard Band-Aid works great.



Part Number
Red Dot Laser (with 6 batteries)
$35.00 each
Battery Pack #LR44 (25 batteries)
$6.00 a set

Hott-Rod™ Rods

The Hott-Rod™ Gun Barrel Depth Gage is one of ORC Forensics’ most unique and original products.  Using one of these, an investigator can accurately determine the barrel depths of nearly any firearm without causing obstruction to the weapon.  The Hott-Rod™ is a rod, with both Fractional and Metric graduations, which requires no assembly and slides down the barrel of a gun to measure the inside length of the tube.  Anyone can scrutinize a weapon by placing it near a ruler to judge its overall length.  It takes a special tool to like this to determine precisely what is going on in the inside. 

There are three sizes of Hott-Rod™ rods to choose from, the variety of which is useful for the different firearms one might encounter, Pistol, Rifle, and Heavy Duty.  They are made to fit loosely into the various barrels so that the minimum amount of contact is made.  The end that will hit the back of the chamber is built of a tough nylon tip.  The rod itself is a slender metal cylinder jacketed in a tight plastic sleeve.  A soft rubber finger grip is placed at the holding end of the Hott-Rod™. 

Hott-Rod™ Gun Barrel Depth Gages measure both Fractional (1/16” grads) and Metric (1mm grads) reading left-to-right. 

The three size options are:
A. Pistol Rod measuring up to 6”/15.2cm length for .22 cal and larger.
B. Rifle Rod measuring up to 24”/61cm length for .22 cal to .30 cal.
C. Heavy Duty Rod measuring up to 24”/61cm length for .30 cal and larger.
Individual Rod
@ $98.00
@ $157.00
@ $128.00

Individual rods ship in 3/4” diameter protective storage tubes that incorporate removable end caps.  Rod sets come in a single tube.


Caliber Gauge

ORC Forensics’ Caliber Gauge is used as a quick reference guide, made out of a clear plastic sheet, that you overlay on bullet holes to help determine the caliber of the firearm used.  For example, this item can be opportune to investigators at crime scenes, medical examiners, as well as field and game commissioners attempting to uphold their laws regarding which firearms can be used in hunting.  There are 51 specific sizes of calibers shown and these cover the major sizes for Shotguns, Rifles, and Pistols.  Simply overlay this Caliber Gauge over a hole and match it with the estimated diameter.

This template is made of a 0.030” thick clear unbreakable plastic that is shaped 7 1/2” x 9”.  The top edge includes a handy Fractional 7” rule and the bottom edge features a Metric 18cm rule.  The left edge has two holes punched for easy storage in a 3-ring binder.


Part Number
Individual Caliber Gauge Overlay Unit
Customizations and private labeling are available. Please contact an ORC Forensics sales associate for a quote.

Ovaltyne™ Circle Guide
At ORC Forensics we design tools for you to measure everything at a crime scene, from automobiles to fingernail clippings.  On the small end of things, we have created this see-thru Ovaltyne™ Circle Guide to easily read the diameters of little round bits of evidence like blood drops and bullet holes.  Originally part of a forensic medical kit we developed that helps measure everything on an x-ray print, we now provide these guides as individual units, sold as singles or in packages.
The two different styles of the Ovaltyne™ Circles Guides is based on the unit of measure that is standard in your work environment, either Metric or Fractional.  The Metric guide is our most popular option, which reads circle diameters in 1-millimeter increments, from 1mm to 30mm, with 1/2mm intermediate circles from 1 1/2mm to 9 1/2mm.  A basic ruler design is also printed on the top and bottom edges.  On this unit, the ruler is 15cm (1mm grads) and one edge reads left-to-right and the other reads right-to-left.  The Fractional version of this guide is incredibly similar and its increments read in 1/32” graduations (circles range from 1/32” to 1 1/4”) with a 6” rule on the top and bottom edges. 
The Ovaltyne™ Circle Guide’s functionality comes from its ability to overlay the grid onto circular or oval objects, peer through the tool, and receive accurate measurements that will not cause interference with the crime scene.  Each guide is made of .03 thick unbreakable plastic that is optically clear and features green print, which makes the numbers stand out and be readable against most backdrops.  Overall size the Ovaltyne™ Circle Guides (H x W) is 9.2cm x 16.2cm (or 3 5/8” x 6 3/8”), which makes it practical for putting in a kit or to carry around in your pocket.
Part Number
Reading Style
10 Pack
25 Pack
Individual units are packaged in clear poly bags; the 10 and 25 packs are bulk packed in boxes. 
Customizations and private labeling are available. Please contact an ORC Forensics sales associate for a quote.
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